Discover the Art of Mixology with Joey Lai, Mixology Director at Explorar Hotels & Resorts - Explorar Hotels and Resorts

Discover the Art of Mixology with Joey Lai, Mixology Director at Explorar Hotels & Resorts

In the dynamic world of hospitality, where the extraordinary becomes the norm, Joey Lai sets a new standard of excellence as the Director of Mixology at Explorar Hotels & Resorts. His role transcends traditional drink-making, offering guests a sublime journey into the art of mixology.

With an impressive background as a Campari Selected Bartender in Thailand and winner of the HLC Global Bartender Scholarship 2022, Joey’s credentials are undeniable. His holistic approach to mixology, which integrates local herbs and flavours, provides a distinctive taste of Thailand, allowing guests to experience the true essence of their destination through each crafted cocktail.

Joey Lai, Director of Mixology at Explorar Hotels, crafts a sustainable cocktail, showcasing his dedication to zero-waste practices and local sourced ingredients.

At Explorar Hotels & Resorts, Joey’s creations are not mere beverages; they are a symphony of flavours, each meticulously balanced and elegantly presented. Joey’s innovative mixology extends beyond the conventional, incorporating diverse culinary techniques and ingredients. His bar at Explorar Koh Samui is a destination in itself, where each cocktail narrates a unique story. Moreover, Joey actively enriches the mixology community by sharing his vast knowledge through masterclasses and making special guest appearances at renowned venues.

Explore the world of cocktails at Explorar, from an exclusive Negroni list to Koh Samui-inspired special cocktails. Each drink is a testament to Joey’s philosophy of balance and beauty, and his commitment to providing an unparalleled drinking experience. For enthusiasts eager to delve deeper into cocktail creation, Joey offers more than a typical menu. At Explorar, guests can partake in curated cocktail classes and workshops where Joey imparts his expertise. These sessions are not just learning experiences; they are insights into the intricacies of flavour profiling and the sustainability practices within mixology.

Joey’s influence at Explorar Hotels & Resorts significantly enhances the guest experience, establishing a benchmark for luxury hospitality. He serves not just drinks, but memories, each as meticulously crafted and beautifully balanced as his cocktails.

Join Joey every Saturday at Art of Mixology for an exclusive mixology menu that promises to redefine your perception of cocktails with an eco-twist as we transform our pool bar into a zero-waste oasis where fruits and vegetables are used to the last peel, recycled and reused into natural glasses, supporting the local community and craftmanship while creating refreshing flavours and masterpiece cocktails.