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Explorar Koh Phangan is the base for exploring this incredible destination. The crew are the concierge or local guides; they know when and where the best places to go, so ask them!

the iconic full moon party

Experience the #1 party in Asia, The iconic Full Moon Party in Haad Rin. The party begins at dusk when the yellow moon appears over the white sandy beach. A sight to behold as lanterns, fire shows and glow paint take over and the Djs spin beats till the early hours. We have a complimentary shuttle service timetable if you wish to indulge the inner star child.


31 December (NYE party). January 8, February 5, March 7, April 7, May 5

Cultural temples

Kuan Yin Temple

This Chinese temple has a rich history which dates back to 1990 where most of the island was without electricity. It was founded by Mrs Malawan who had a dream about the Chinese Goddess Guan Yin who advised her to establish a firelight on the island. You will find a statue of Guan Yin, a magnificent statue of a smiling buddha and many Taoist deities.


Wat Phu Khao Noi

The small mountain temple is the oldest in Koh Phangan. One of the unique features are the eight Pagodas, each of them with a unique design.


Wat Chaloklum

Wat Chaloklum is located in the heart of Chaloklum village and stands out with its detailed carvings and Buddha statues.


incredible beaches

Malibu Beach

Malibu Beach is one of the hidden gems and most beautiful beaches of Koh Phangan. Featuring crystal water, white sand  and bright green round trees growing right in the sand.


Haad Yuan

Haad Yuan is famous for its tranquillity as it is more challenging to access. You can either hike there on a trail or by taking a taxi boat.


Haad Son

Haad Salso known as Secret Beach, is one of the newer Beaches of Koh Phangan right next to Koh Raham which is a beautifully decorated Bar which much love to every detail.


Mae Haad

Mae Haad features a white and sandy beach. During low tide, you can walk on a small sand stripe to Koh Ma which is part of the marine park.


Thong Nai Pan Noi

Thong Nai Pan area is split into two beaches whereas Noi means small. It is located on the quieter part of the island which makes it a perfect spot for relaxing your mind and soul.


Thong Nai Pan yai

Thong Nai Pan Yai is the larger one of the two beaches and is known for its tranquillity and breathtaking sunrises.


Haad Salad

Haad Salad beach, also known as Coral beach, is famous for its beautiful white sand cove with blue and green water. Surrounded by plenty of Palm trees which give you the perfect hide from the sun during a hot day.


Haad Rin

Haad Rin is the most famous beach all, and one of the busiest places in the island. Once a month it is the location of the iconic Full Moon Party, which draws in thousands of visitors.


stunning viewpoints

Bottle beach viewpoint

Bottle beach viewpoint is by far the best viewpoint of Koh Phangan. You will get a magnificent view over Bottle beach and the pristine jungle. You can either get there by taxi boat or by bike. If you go by bike, park it at the parking spot as close down to the beach, as it is impossible to ride back with a motorbike. You can either walk down to the beach which takes around 15 minutes or call a 4WD taxi. From the beach it takes around 45 minutes by foot up the mountain and through the jungle to get to the viewpoint. We recommend wear shoes and don’t forget to take water, and your camera with you!


Amsterdam Bar

Amsterdam Bar is the most visited viewpoint bar of Koh Phangan. It is one of the best spots on the island to catch a memorable sunset overlooking the ocean.


360 Bar

360 Bar is a great spot to enjoy an amazing view during the day or sunset. It features a 360 degree view over the island. The road up there is quite steep so be careful going up there with a scooter. Due to recent times, the bar is not in the greatest condition but the view definitely makes it up.


scenic waterfalls

Phaeng Waterfall

Phaeng Waterfall is located  in a jungle area of the Than Sadet National Park. Close by is also the Dom Sila viewpoint which is worth a visit as it is nearby.

We recommend going there to go during the wet season otherwise there is not much water running down.


Than Sadet Waterfall

Than Sadet Waterfall is the most scenic waterfall of the island. It is a cascading fall about 3 kilometers long with plenty of freshwater pools where you can cool down from the heat.


discover the islands

Koh tao

A small paradise island isolated in the gulf of Thailand. Koh Tao is located on the east side of the Surat Thani coastline, 30 min from Koh Phangan featuring iconic hill climbs to hill top views capturing Instagram’s best island vista.

adventure & explore

Discover the raw nature of Koh Phangan by ATV, riding through mountains, sand, raw nature, forest trails, dirt roads exploring the extraordinary in extreme off-road conditions.

find your inner self

While some styles of meditation promote and enhance ability to remain focused, Inner Walk Meditation allows us to practice the art of observation. Or in other words, instead of practising “being awake”, we are practising “waking up”.