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Discover the Taste of Koh Samui with Explorar’s Signature Sustainable Drink

As you arrive at the serene and lush surroundings of Explorar Koh Samui, your tropical adventure begins with a sip of our distinctive welcome drink, setting the tone for a stay marked by both relaxation and environmental consciousness. Our signature drink, Fresh Coconut with Samui Natural Sugarcane Spirit, embodies the essence of Koh Samui, pairing locally sourced ingredients with a commitment to sustainability.

Discover the Taste of Koh Samui with Explorar’s Signature Sustainable Drink

A Welcome as Refreshing as It Is Responsible
Upon your arrival, you’re greeted with a drink that is much more than just a refreshing beverage—it’s a representation of Koh Samui’s natural bounty and our ethos at Explorar. The Fresh Coconut with Samui Natural Sugarcane Spirit combines the mild, sweet water of young coconuts with a smooth, locally distilled rum made from natural sugarcane, offering you a taste that is both authentic and invigorating. This drink not only pleases the palate but also introduces you to the island’s rich agricultural heritage, particularly its renowned coconut plantations.

Local Flavours, Global Consciousness
Koh Samui is affectionately known as “Coconut Island,” reflecting its history as a major producer of these tropical fruits. At Explorar, we embrace this legacy by sourcing our coconuts locally, supporting the island’s farmers and minimising our carbon footprint. The rum, distilled locally from sugarcane grown in the verdant fields of Samui, is crafted following sustainable practices that reflect our commitment to the environment.

Served with a Side of Sustainability
True to our dedication to eco-friendly practices, the drink is presented in a unique and sustainable manner—served on a tray made from recycled coconut shells. This innovative use of materials not only reduces waste but also enhances your experience, allowing you to feel a deeper connection to the island’s culture and our environmental efforts. Each tray, crafted by Explorar artisans, tells a story of transformation—from ordinary coconut shells to beautiful, functional pieces that embody both creativity and responsibility.

More Than a Drink: A Gateway to Island Culture
The Fresh Coconut with Samui Natural Sugarcane Spirit is more than just a welcome drink; it’s a gateway to the cultural and environmental heartbeat of Koh Samui. As you enjoy this refreshing concoction, you’re also invited to explore the wider practices of sustainability at Explorar, from our upcycling of coconut shells to the broader initiatives designed to protect and celebrate the natural beauty of our island home.

Embrace the Spirit of Koh Samui
As you sip on our signature sustainable drink, let it be the start of a journey of discovery. We invite you to not only enjoy the serene beauty and luxuries of Explorar Koh Samui but also engage with our ongoing efforts to sustain and enhance this tropical paradise. Whether it’s through exploring our sustainable decor, participating in eco-friendly activities, or simply enjoying the lush landscapes, your time with us is sure to be memorable.