Explorar Koh Samui Adults Only Resort (16+), Exhale Wellness & Spa, And Odyssey Restaurant: Shining Stars At The 2024 World Luxury Awards - Explorar Hotels and Resorts

Explorar Koh Samui Adults Only Resort (16+), Exhale Wellness & Spa, And Odyssey Restaurant: Shining Stars At The 2024 World Luxury Awards

Since 2006, the World Luxury Awards have set the pinnacle of achievement in the luxury hotel industry, based on the discerning votes of over 300,000 international travellers. Explorar Koh Samui Adults Only Resort (16+) along with its acclaimed Exhale Wellness & Spa and the gastronomic haven, Odyssey Restaurant proudly participate as official nominees in the 2024 World Luxury Awards ceremony.

Located on the serene Mae Nam beach, Explorar Koh Samui epitomises luxury designed specifically for adult relaxation and romance. The resort boasts 125 elegantly appointed suites and villas, each offering breathtaking views and exceptional comfort. The sprawling 50-meter infinity pool and private beach dining options set the stage for unforgettable moments, while the unique hummingbird sanctuary adds an enchanting touch to the lush surroundings.

Arial view of Explorar Koh Samui Adults Only Resort, capturing its sprawling suites and villas, the expansive infinity pool, and the lush tropical surroundings, taken from a drone.

Adjacent to this tranquil paradise lies Exhale Wellness & Spa. Exhale is a sanctuary where wellness is elevated to an art form. This spa merges cutting-edge treatments with time-honoured healing practices, offering a wellness journey that nurtures both body and spirit. The spa’s innovative approach goes beyond pampering; it’s about inspiring complete holistic well-being. Its nomination for the World Luxury Awards underscores its status as a vanguard in the spa and wellness industry.

Culinary excellence is central to the luxury experience and Odyssey Restaurant is a testament to this principle. Here, guests can savour a compelling blend of Mediterranean and Thai cuisines. The restaurant features a wood-fired pizza oven and an Argentinian grill, enhancing the dining experience with a touch of culinary theatre. Odyssey’s commitment to sustainability shines through its use of locally sourced produce and herbs grown in its own gardens. Recognised by the World Luxury Awards, Odyssey stands out not only for its culinary prowess but also for its dedication to sustainability and innovation.

Explorar Koh Samui’s inclusion in the 2024 World Luxury Awards speaks volumes about its commitment to luxury, sustainability, and excellence. The resort seamlessly integrates eco-friendly practices and community engagement into every aspect of its operation, thereby enriching the guest experience while contributing positively to the preservation of Koh Samui’s enchanting natural and cultural landscape.

As the awards draw near, Explorar Koh Samui Adults Only Resort, Exhale Wellness & Spa, and Odyssey Restaurant are not just participants but shining examples of how luxury resorts can set new benchmarks in the hospitality industry. Their nominations affirm their standing as leaders in crafting exclusive, memorable experiences that resonate deeply with sophisticated global travellers, making them worthy contenders at the 2024 World Luxury Awards.