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Support Nature


How You Can Help Keep Koh Samui And Koh Phangan Lush And Beautiful

We’re all thinking more and more about the environment, and as responsible travellers, we’re always looking for ways to make a difference. Our “Book Direct, Support Nature” programme makes it easy for you to help protect the lush tropical vitality of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.

Nurture Nature By Booking Direct
At the heart of this innovative initiative is a simple yet powerful idea: every time a guest books directly through our website, we donate to a local NGO, Eco Thailand, who support tree conservation on Koh Samui and Koh Phangan islands.

Farm to Table

GET FRESH: A Farm-to-Table Culinary Adventure

In a world where convenience often trumps quality, we’re focusing on freshness and sustainability. Join us on our farm to explore how the delicious goodies we grow end up on your plate.

Let’s take a wander in the garden to explore the essence of true farm-to-table dining.

From Seed to Plate: The Source of True Goodness
We believe the best ingredients come directly from the source. Take a stroll between rows of aromatic herbs and vibrant vegetables carefully nurtured under natural sunlight and it’s hard to argue! Every item on our menu, from plump tomatoes to crisp lettuce, begins as a seed planted right here. We prioritise organic farming practices, steering clear of harmful chemicals to make sure what’s on your plate is as pure and uncontaminated as nature intended.

Coconut Upcycling


Coconuts, those tropical treats that make our curries so creamy and revive us after a Full Moon Party… We want to give them a life beyond their vital role as culinary delights.

At Explorar, we’re on a mission to transform every coconut you savour into stunning decor, functional furniture and unforgettable souvenirs. Let’s dive into the sustainable revolution together and explore the countless possibilities of upcycling coconuts while reducing waste and embracing eco-friendly practices.

From Trash to Tropical Treasure
Our team of skilled carpenters passionately scour our resorts, rescuing discarded coconut shells from their fate in the waste bin. These shells, often overlooked and thrown away, undergo a meticulous recycling process. First, they clean and sanitise the shells so the result is not only beautiful but also hygienic. It’s not just about repurposing; it’s about preventing coconut shells from becoming environmental pollutants.

Turning Shells into Masterpieces
Those cleaned-up shells are upcycled into exquisite decor that brings a touch of the tropics to the resorts. From intricately carved bowls to grandiose pieces like the bar top at Explorer Koh Samui’s pool bar, each creation highlights the versatility of this humble fruit. Our decor items don’t just visually captivate; they also contribute to reducing carbon footprints, aligning perfectly with our dedication to sustainability.

Beyond Creativity To An Environmental Commitment
Upcycling coconuts is not just about making pretty pieces; it’s a commitment to waste reduction and environmental sustainability. By repurposing coconut shells and husks destined for landfills, we make a noteworthy contribution to the environment. Coconut farming, a thriving industry in tropical regions, often generates waste that contributes to pollution. Explorar aims to address this issue at its core through upcycling, creating a circular economy that benefits both our guests and our beautiful island home.

Embrace Explorar’s Eco-Friendly Creations
While you’re here, we invite you to check out our gorgeous decor and embrace a greener lifestyle by incorporating environmentally friendly products into your home. When you adorn your living space with upcycled decor or furnish your home with functional furniture, you become part of a movement that values creativity, innovation, and environmental stewardship.

Join us in transforming discarded coconut shells into treasures that enhance your surroundings and contribute to a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

Community Support

Making An Impact In Our Community:

Explorar Hotels Teams Up With Rotary To Support Island Kids

In Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, Rotary International is creating ripples of positive change with its transformative initiatives, and we’ve joined forces to help provide water safety, community support, and education for local children and Burmese migrants.

Skills for Refugees


How We Work With ISSA To Support Refugees With Skills And Jobs

As global migration ramps up, refugees are facing daunting challenges: fleeing their homes, resettling in unfamiliar territories and finding their place in a new destination.

Recognising the need for a comprehensive approach to their integration, we’ve collaborated with International Support for Sustainable Advancement (ISSA), a non-governmental organisation dedicated to assisting refugees in Thailand. Together, we are embarking on a journey to empower refugees by providing them with documentation, skill training, and opportunities for meaningful employment in the dynamic hospitality industry.