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Skills for Refugees


How We Work With ISSA To Support Refugees With Skills And Jobs

As global migration ramps up, refugees are facing daunting challenges: fleeing their homes, resettling in unfamiliar territories and finding their place in a new destination.

Recognising the need for a comprehensive approach to their integration, we’ve collaborated with International Support for Sustainable Advancement (ISSA), a non-governmental organisation dedicated to assisting refugees in Thailand. Together, we are embarking on a journey to empower refugees by providing them with documentation, skill training, and opportunities for meaningful employment in the dynamic hospitality industry.

Skills for Refugees

What Are The Main Challenges For Refugees?
The global refugee crisis has forced millions of people to seek safety and shelter in countries that aren’t their home. As they try to rebuild their lives, refugees frequently face challenges like getting basic documentation and, more importantly, developing the skills required for long-term employment. This situation exposes them to social and economic exclusion, limiting their ability to successfully integrate into their new home.

How We Can Help Local Refugees In Thailand
Our partnership with ISSA aims to bridge these gaps by providing a comprehensive support system for refugees in Thailand. ISSA is committed to long-term progress and we have a vision of empowering people through skill development and meaningful employment. By collaborating with this prestigious NGO, we can combine our strengths to make a positive impact.

How ISSA Protects Refugee Rights With Documentation
The first step towards empowerment is to get refugees the proper documentation to establish their legal status in their new home. ISSA works to smooth this process, lowering bureaucratic barriers, and giving refugees a sense of security and stability. Proper documentation not only protects their rights but also opens up new opportunities for education and employment.

Developing Skills For Independence
Beyond documentation, we prioritise skill development, which is an important step towards self-sufficiency. Through workshops, training programmes and vocational courses, we provide refugees with the skills they need to succeed in hospitality. With its diverse range of opportunities, our industry offers refugees the chance to put their skills to use and make a meaningful contribution in their new communities.

A Curriculum Designed For Success
Recognising the unique challenges that refugees face, our training programmes are tailored to meet them where they are. Our curriculum incorporates language proficiency, cultural sensitivity, and job-specific skills. Whether it’s culinary arts, housekeeping, or customer service, we want to provide refugees with the resources they need to succeed in their chosen hospitality careers.

A New Job; A New Home
Working in hotels not only gives refugees the chance to apply their new skills, but it also promotes community inclusivity. We facilitate job placements through partnerships with local businesses, ensuring that refugees have a clear path to employment that matches their training. By creating these opportunities, we not only help refugees’ economic well-being but also enrich the cultural diversity of the hospitality industry.

When you stay with us at Explorar, some of the friendly crew members you encounter have experienced this process firsthand. We’re proud to have them on the team.