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Stay Longer & Save more at Explorar Koh Phangan

In today’s fast-paced world, finding a moment to unwind can seem like a luxury. But what if you could not only pause and relax but also save significantly while indulging in exquisite experiences? The opportunity to transform an ordinary getaway into a luxurious retreat is closer than you think. Picture yourself nestled in the lush comforts of a Deluxe Plus Room or Sea View Suite for a week or more, revelling in a series of curated luxuries, all while saving 15% on your stay. Welcome to an extended vacation that not only soothes your soul but also pampers your wallet.

Couple walking hand-in-hand on Explorar Koh Phangan sunset beach, showcasing the romantic allure of our extended stay offers.

Set against the serene backdrop of pristine landscapes, this exclusive Explorar Koh Phangan hotel offer isn’t just about the significant discount; it’s a crafted experience. From the moment you land, forget the hassles of travel with complimentary round-trip transfers that ensure your journey to relaxation starts seamlessly. Early check-in and late check-out options offer the freedom to explore on your own terms, without the rush, making every minute count.

Dining is not just about eating but an essential part of your travel experience. Enjoy a complimentary Thai set dinner for two, where each dish is a burst of local flavours and traditional spices, promising a sensory journey through Thailand’s culinary excellence. But the pampering doesn’t stop at delightful meals. Embrace a 10% discount on further food, drinks, and rejuvenating spa treatments, each offering a unique taste of local heritage and tranquillity.

Moreover, the inclusion of complimentary activities such as Thai Cooking classes and Mixology sessions allows you to dive deeper into Thai culture. These experiences aren’t just activities; they are tales of the tastes you savoured and tropical recipes that you’ll carry home.

The Stay Longer Save More package requires a minimum seven-night stay, Full prepayment with a no-cancellation policy.

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