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The Ultimate Guide To El Nido’s Best Dive Spots

In the Philippines, the small hamlet of El Nido is well-known for its breathtaking natural beauty, clean waters, and variety of marine life. El Nido’s reputation as one of the world’s top diving locations comes as no surprise. Choosing which diving locations to visit during your vacation can be challenging with over 30 to choose from. We’ve assembled the most comprehensive guide to the top diving sites in El Nido as a result.  

Tunnel of Dilumacad  

Helicopter Island, also known as Dilumacad Tunnel, is a well-liked dive location that is only a short boat trip from El Nido town. Advanced divers seeking for a challenge will love this dive site. You must swim through the tunnel, which is around 12 meters deep, to get to the other side. You may witness a variety of marine life inside the tunnel, including groupers, batfish, and jackfish schools. Additionally, the tunnel has several unusual characteristics, like tiny air bubbles and light beams that pass through from the opposite side.  

South Miniloc 

Another well-liked diving location is South Miniloc, which is situated in the southern region of Miniloc Island. The location is noted for its pristine waters and an abundance of marine life, making it excellent for both beginning and expert divers. You can witness several fish species, including as fusiliers, butterflyfish, and angelfish, at the site, which has an average depth of 12 to 18 meters. Moreover, you’ll see sea turtles, enormous clams, and vibrant corals.  

Entalula island 

Near El Nido town, Entalula Island is a well-liked location for diving and snorkeling. The location’s crystal-clear waters and colorful coral gardens are well-known. The dive location is ideal for beginning divers because to its average depth of 8–10 meters. There are several different species you can see, including clownfish, parrotfish, and damselfish. Nudibranchs and sea snakes are among the unusual aquatic animals you’ll see.  

Coral Garden of Dilumacad  

Another excellent dive site close to Helicopter Island is the Dilumacad Coral Garden. The location is renowned for its colorful coral gardens, which are home to a diverse range of marine species. The site is appropriate for both beginner and expert divers because to its typical depth of 10–12 meters. You’ll witness a variety of fish, including snapper, barracuda, and angelfish. A variety of coral species, such as staghorn coral, brain coral, and fire coral, are also present.  

North Rock 

For experienced divers, North Rock, which is close to Tres Marias Island, is a popular dive site. Strong currents and enormous pelagic fish, including barracudas and jacks, are two of the site’s most notable features. To explore this location, which has an average depth of 20–30 meters, you must be skilled at drift diving. A variety of reef fish species, including triggerfish, snappers, and surgeonfish, are also visible.  

As a result of its beautiful waters, vivid coral reefs, and a wealth of marine life, El Nido is a divers’ paradise. The diving sites at El Nido provide something for every level of diver, from beginners to experts. Pack your baggage and get ready to discover El Nido’s aquatic environment. 


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