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Explorar Treehouses El Nido Recognised For Remarkable Environmental Contribution

Explorar Treehouses El Nido, located in Palawan, Philippines, has been awarded the 2023 International Sustainable Award for its remarkable environmental contribution. The eco-forward-thinking developmentsituated in the heart of El Nido, has been recognised for its commitment to sustainable practices and initiatives, which include minimising waste, conserving energy, and supporting the local community.

The treehouses themselves are a testament to the resort’s dedication to sustainability. Designed by the award-winning Underwood Phuket team and built using locally sourced materials, are designed to be in harmony with the natural environment. The unique architecture and innovative use of space will not only offer guests a comfortable stay, but they will also promote ecological awareness and encourage conservation efforts.

Explorar Treehouses El Nido commitment to sustainable practices extends beyond the resort, with the resort’s management team taking significant steps to minimise the resort’s carbon footprint. This includes using solar energy to power the resort with an Eco-town that harnesses photovoltaic panels, producing 5 MW of energy while offsetting 10,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year.

In addition, Explorar Treehouses El Nido supports local communities and contributes to preserving the region’s natural resources. The resort has partnered with various organisations to initiate environmental campaigns, such as tree planting and beach cleanups, to raise awareness and promote sustainable tourism.

The 2023 International Sustainable Award recognises Explorar Treehouses El Nido for its dedication to preserving the environment, promoting sustainable tourism, and supporting local communities. The award highlights the importance of sustainability and the role that businesses can play in protecting the environment.

Experience luxury in nature at Explorar Treehouses El Nido, featuring 69 tree-house villas with private plunge pools, permaculture farm and garden, a bar, spa and wellness, and The Exchange Co-working spaces for the travelling digital nomad.

Opening in 2025.