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Announcing: Strategic Master Franchise Partnership with Stand Out Hotels For Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean

Explorar Hotels & Resorts Announces A Strategic Master Franchise Partnership

12.10.21 Hong Kong –

Exciting new resort and hotel brand, Explorar Hotels & Resorts, have signed an exclusive master franchise agreement with Stand Out Hotel Group. The new master franchise agreement will see the targeted growth of the group in the new region of Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean over the next five years.


Stand Out Hotels is a full-service third-party hotel management company offering customised services to owners and developers in the region. The group has strong experience and knowledge in hotel and resort management across a variety of lifestyle, residential and holiday properties, ensuring higher returns for owners. Partnering with Explorar Hotels & Resorts will allow Stand Out Hotels to offer a new and unique international brand to the regions travellers and hotel owners.


“This continued growth and exciting development shows that Explorar Hotels & Resorts experience-driven and social travel ethos really is gaining momentum in this new travel era we are in. We’re delighted to partner with Stand Out Hotels with a master franchise arrangement to develop further into these beautiful and experience driven locations, of Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.” explained Scot Toon, COO of Explorar Hotels & Resorts.


“This alliance includes several business initiatives focused on strategically combining Explorar Hotels & Resorts ́ knowledge of the Asian & European markets with the experience in sales, marketing and distribution that STAND OUT HOTELS GROUP has in the Canadian, American and Caribbean markets.


The V.P of Brand & Implementation of STAND OUT HOTELS GROUP, George Moreno, highlighted the relevance of the alliance due to the importance of growth for both companies in the region after the challenging months during the pandemic.” 


Explorar Hotels & Resorts launched earlier this year with its first property, Explorar Pawapi Koh Mook, located in Southern Thailand on a genuinely untouched, pure island paradise, followed soon after by the announcement of Explorar Treehouses El Nido, designed by award-winning designer and artist, John Underwood and slated to open in 2024.


Explorar Hotels & Resorts seeks to grow in exciting destinations around our globe, offering four innovative themes depending on the hotels’ location and unique experiences. Beach, Eco, Cultural and Urban themes create spaces for the exploring traveller to socialise and connect with local experiences in a fun, easy and memorable way


About Explorar Hotels & Resorts

A hotel brand that makes travel authentic and social for the intrepid explorer. Explorar Hotels & Resorts offers travellers the opportunity to explore and experience each destination from a vibrant, comfortable and fun base, with a team that makes traversing and enjoying the destination easy whilst utilising their local knowledge of the area with everything being available at the guests’ fingertips.

Explorar Hotels & Resorts portfolio currently comprises: 

Explorar Treehouses El Nido

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