Celebrating International Women's Day at Explorar Hotels & Resorts: A Tribute to Feminine Grace and Strength - Explorar Hotels and Resorts

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Explorar Hotels & Resorts: A Tribute to Feminine Grace and Strength

As we gear up to celebrate International Women’s Day, an annual event dedicated to acknowledging the achievements and contributions of women in all spheres of life, Explorar Hotels & Resorts shines with its thoughtfully curated celebration. Nestled in paradise, with stunning properties on Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, Explorar offers more than a mere getaway; it provides an immersive experience that honours the essence of womanhood in the most uplifting and rejuvenating manners.

This International Women’s Day, Explorar Hotels & Resorts has unveiled a suite of indulgences and heartfelt gestures designed to transform the day into a memorable experience for every woman who walks through their doors between 07-08 March 2024.

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Explorar Hotels & Resorts: A Tribute to Feminine Grace and Strength

On this special occasion, each woman arriving at Explorar Koh Samui or Explorar Koh Phangan is greeted with a voucher pack that serves not only as a token of appreciation but also as a gateway to a series of bespoke experiences aimed at pampering and celebrating her.

Central to this celebration is a complimentary facial at Exhale Wellness & Spa, available with any booked treatment. This offering is more than a spa service; it’s an invitation to unwind, reflect, and rejuvenate. Exhale Wellness & Spa, known for its serene ambiance and expert therapists, ensures that every woman feels cherished, relaxed, and revitalised, ready to embrace her inner beauty and strength with newfound energy.

The pampering continues upon arrival, with women welcomed with an exclusive cocktail—a concoction symbolising the vibrant and spirited nature of womanhood. This is complemented by a mixology session, a compelling activity that invites guests to unleash their creativity while concocting their signature drinks. It’s an experience that promotes sharing, learning, and celebrating life’s joy together.

What distinctly sets this celebration apart are the handmade bracelets and earrings gifted to the women. These are not just accessories; they are artisan creations that embody the warmth, care, and appreciation of the Explorar team. They symbolise connection, beauty, and the unique journey of every woman.

The next morning, a special ladies-only yoga class awaits, accompanied by healthy fresh juices. More than a physical activity, this session offers a communal space for women to connect with themselves and each other, embracing tranquillity and strength in every pose and breath. It’s a reflection of the resilience, grace, and flexibility that women embody.

Explorar Hotels & Resorts extends its International Women’s Day celebration beyond its guests to its core—the women in its team. With over 65% of the crew being female, their role in the seamless operation and success of the hotels is undeniable. In recognition of their invaluable contributions, the executive team is preparing a special lunch for all the crew, along with gifts for all female staff. This gesture is a powerful acknowledgment of their hard work, dedication, and the indispensable role they play in crafting unforgettable experiences for guests.

Explorar Hotels & Resorts’ celebration of International Women’s Day stands as a beacon of appreciation, empowerment, and unity. It embodies the resort’s commitment to fostering spaces where women are celebrated every day. It’s an invitation to women everywhere to take a moment for themselves, to indulge, reflect, and celebrate their achievements, strengths, and the indomitable spirit that propels them forward.